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About Inca Fashions: 

Inca Fashions was started in 1999 as a way to bring awareness to Alpacas and exposure to their luxurious fiber.  Kim DeVos-Brooks began as an alpaca breeder. With a background in design, Kim had a sincere appreciation and love for alpaca fiber and wanted to bring awareness to alpacas. She opened a retail store in October of 1999, just north of Pittsburgh PA, and started sharing with others her love for alpaca, focusing on the benefits of alpaca for the consumer. The alpaca community rallied around her designs as until that time, only South American-inspired garments were available. Many fellow alpaca breeders contacted her wanting to purchase and re-sell the goods, often stating that her items were "how alpaca should feel". And thus, Inca Fashions Wholesale was born.

Since those humble beginnings, and more than a decade later, her interest and involvement in alpaca fiber has grown to be a full-time passion. 

Since 1999 Inca Fashions has grown into Inca Brands, an international venture, with several marketed brands in its repertoire. As an internet-based venture, our fine natural fiber alpaca clothing, accessories, socks, and home interiors are shipped worldwide via several brands: Alpaca Golf , Warrior Socks, Sun Valley Alpaca Co ™, and Inca Fashions Wholesale™.

Apparel items are designed in the USA, with attention to size, color, and styling. Right off the bat Kim, noticed the disconnect between South American-sized goods and those US buyers were seeking, so she developed standard US sizing for the designs; sizes customers can count on. All of the clothing offered is sized to fit a US market and incorporate modern trends in such a way that the clothing produced remains timeless.

The primary focus is on quality and while some might call it obsessive, Kim and her staff pay attention to every detail. Truly committed to bringing the finest alpaca garments available to the marketplace, buyers routinely say the quality is unsurpassed, and reminiscent of the pride of craftsmanship shown decades ago.

Alpaca is showing up in a lot of sweaters these days. Upon second look, it can be noticed that alpaca is in the name, but comes last on the content label. In order to call a sweater Alpaca, by law it should have more alpaca in it than any other fiber. Often this is not the case, and these requirements go unenforced by the trade commission.

Inca Brands is vigilant about bringing 100% alpaca to retail buyers and ultimately, consumers. Not only do they design in pure alpaca and high end blends with the utmost care, they mark every style with a content label and an International Alpaca Association mark. This IAA tag shows the individual control number associated with that product. Each color-coded branding hangtag showcases the content, be it 100% Superfine Alpaca, 100% Baby Alpaca, or an Alpaca Blend.

Kim, who writes for CQ Magazine, has been detailing alpaca and alpaca blends for the last few years. She is an expert on the reasons people blend fibers with alpaca. Often people talk about blending alpaca in order to give it memory or strength, but this just isn’t so. Alpaca is the strongest natural fiber in the world and it has tremendous memory and tensile strength - its durability unsurpassed. The main reason people blend with alpaca is to improve other fibers, and the main reason other fibers are blended with alpaca is to reduce cost. 

Inca Brands core focus is on the overall value of the alpaca products they create. They strive to exceed not only the expectation of how alpaca should feel, but also the expectations of the consumer. This desire has resulted in a balanced approach, consisting of style, quality, fiber, and price. In order to achieve these results, time is taken, focusing on the how the style is worn, trends, longevity, and overall look on a body; and fabricated using only the best alpaca fibers and production methods that support that particular item. Pricing reflects these core values, realistically.

Inca Brands minimizes the impact to the environment through the development and use of the finest natural fiber; Alpaca. In 2010, they created the first ever Certified Organic Alpaca™ apparel.  Inca Brands alpaca products are manufactured under environmentally and socially responsible Fair Trade principles. 

They participate in and are committed to fair trade - working directly with artisans and their knitting cooperatives they have built strong partnerships, which produce sustainable commerce and the finest quality. The artisans they work with are assisted by Inca Brands on-site staff with quality control measures, production, and planning management, as well as tools to help them improve their business acumen. These fabricators aren't just workers, they are friends.

Knitting in the Andean culture is a time-honored tradition that has significant cultural meaning and purpose. In the past, razor sharp pencils, rigorous time constraints, and one-sided interests lead to poor workmanship, ill-treated workers, dissatisfaction, and dysfunction. This ultimately does not yield financial rewards for anyone, including the consumer. 

Prices are set together with the knitters themselves, so that the items produced and purchased will economically enable these artisans to guide their own development, facilitate their entrepreneurship, and work to strengthen pride in their craftsmanship in a way that sustains tradition, home, land use, and community bonds, while resisting destructive influences.

While the majority of the products on this site are designed in the US by the in-house design team, some pieces have been designed by students (Yes! Students can submit designs! Contact Inca Brands via email for more information.). Inca Brands encourage the use of alpaca as a medium within the textile arts, ever working to grow and strengthen awareness. 

This commitment to growing the awareness of alpaca from designer through to consumer has been a main focus of Kim's since the onset of her beginnings in the alpaca community. She served on the Board of Directors for MAPACA, AFCNA and AOBA, now the Alpaca Owners Association; was a participant in the AOBA Marketing committee (2000-2009), initiated the Complete the Circle campaign, resulting in the Fiber to Fashion conference and the lead in creating the Fiber Committee. She aided in creating the Student Design Competition and National Alpaca Farm Days. Upon her exit from the BOD of AOBA, she served on the Ethics committee for the alpaca industry.

Inca Brands looks forward to continuing to bring the finest alpaca apparel, products, and accessories, with the best style and quality commitment to the marketplace. Kim's mantra is "the best is yet to be!" and it is in this spirit that Inca Brands continues to grow as a US leader in the production and promotion of alpaca products.

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