Customer Comments

Customer Comments


"Thank you for a great web site and ease in ordering ..."

I appreciate your web site as I look forward to receiving my new sweater. I have always loved these types of cardigan sweaters although this is my first time in getting the Alpaca fibers. In the past I have bought orlon acrylic and merino and lambs wool. I primarily use the sweaters at work where the air conditioning is a bit much ... Thank you for a great web site and ease in ordering and buying. I am recommending you to my co-workers. — Tom

"Oh my gosh! The color is absolutely gorgeous!"

Hi, this is Debra. I received my package and oh my gosh! The color is absolutely gorgeous! It looks great! In fact if I had known how nice and wonderful this long sleeves polo shirt was I would have ordered more. I'll probably go ahead and get the black one too, it's awesome. Let me know when you get other colors in and any extra large because I really like this a lot! Merry Christmas. Have a Happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa, whatever applies ~ but thank you again ever so much! — Debra H.

"... have not gotten any blisters ... wearing your socks."

I really like your [Warrior] socks. The knee highs don't slip down in my uniform boots and keep my feet cool in 110 degree heat. I have tried a lot of different socks before I stumbled across the Warrior Socks on the Internet. I have had three pairs for about six months now and have not gotten any blisters in that time while I was wearing your socks. I regularly hike five to six miles a day and don't worry about the abuse my feet will take when I wear your product. Thank you again. — Kruse F.

"Both are made with quality and workmanship ..." 

I love alpacas and I just received my sweaters from you and I must say, I love alpaca sweaters from Inca Fashions now too! I purchased your Tandor Turtleneck and the Baby Alpaca and Silk V neck cable sweater and they are both so pretty! Both are made with such quality and workmanship, it blew me away! I can't wait to wear them and show off  alpaca to all my friends! I will be sure to tell them about you! I just HAD to tell you how much I love them!
— M. Mendle Chicago IL 

"My wife is accusing me of being unhygienic ..."

I am so glad I found you! I have been looking for the alpaca sweaters that golfers used to wear years ago and finally found your company! I bought a Retro Pro Alpaca Golf Sweater two weeks ago and MUST order more! My wife is accusing me of being unhygienic because I wear it every day. I just love it! Please order me four more in ... — H. Drucker, New York, NY

"... tempted to keep them."

I just wanted to let you know that the socks arrived today and I am tickled. I bought them for a friend and, I must admit, was tempted to keep them. Thank you. — N. Turner 

"... he can stand in the stream longer ..."

Thank you for making the Ultimate socks! I love them!! They are so thick and cushy and feel great on! I got two pair, one for my husband and one for me. He loves them too! He is a fisherman and says now he can stand in the stream longer ... we are both happier!
Thanks, I will be ordering more! — K. Potter, Twin Falls, ID

"... kids are wild about their new alpaca teddy bears ..."

Minutes ago we just received the most AWESOMEST package from YOU!!! As I type, the kids are wild about their new alpaca teddy bears and Conner was hysterical when explaining to Braden about alpacas. — D. Conner

"Absolutely love it!!"

I received my sweater on Friday. Absolutely love it!! Thank you so much. Wishing you your best day ever! — Gary

"Mom was so excited ..."

Mom was so excited to open her box with the beautiful alpaca sweater, She wore it from that day on. Thanks for all your help in finding the perfect gift for our Mom! :-) — The Kontskys 

"Best Work Socks"

I ordered socks for my wife for Christmas, I also ordered a pair for myself to try. These are the very best work socks (Outdoor Alpaca Socks) that I have ever worn. I'll never wear cotton socks again for work. — C. Irvin, Mechanicsburg PA


"Brings back great memories ..."

Dear Kim, I absolutely love my sweater (Alpaca Retro Golf Sweater).The size is perfect. Brings back great memories of 40 years ago. Thank you so much. Wishing you your best day ever!! — G. Miley, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"He couldn't thank me enough!"

My son received his Alpaca Retro Golf Sweater on Thursday and called me immediately to tell me how beautiful it was made. He said it's like nothing he has ever seen. He especially liked the workmanship and the softness of the sweater. It's a perfect fit. He couldn't thank me enough! I want to extend this 'Thank You' also to you, for helping me with this purchase. Thank you for all your help and concern, it truly made the purchase a positive transaction. I can't wait to see the sweater for myself! — M.E. Petro, Jersey Shore, PA

"They didn't hold a candle to yours!"

I purchased a pashmina wrap from you back in February, along with two others pashminas from other Internet companies. I just wanted to tell you that you won! See, I am getting married in May and wanted to give pashmina shawls to my bridesmaids. I wanted something that they could use over and over in different ways with out them being wedding-“ie”, and I wanted nice ones.

So I ran a test. I ordered an acrylic pashmina, and wow! You do get what you pay for – it was cheap all around and I didn’t like it at all, rough and dull. I also bought a cashmere pashmina. It was soft, but thin (I could see through it!) and not nearly as nice as the one from your shop. It snagged easily and then it looked unsightly. I loved yours right from the start. It was substantial enough, but still light. It didn’t show wear, and if I hung it up the wrinkles fell out better. I took all three on a trip to the UK with me and I do have to say I enjoyed yours the most. I reached for it time and again and found it to be the warmest and softest pashmina scarf out there. There were tons of pashmina type scarves in London for sale too but they didn’t hold a candle to yours! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I have just ordered the pashminas on your site for my bridesmaids (in the steel blue) and I KNOW they will love them, and will be able to use them for a long time to come. I just had to tell you and thank you again! I will refer your site to my friends too! — S. VanDerMeer (soon to be Scott!)  New York, NY

"Your company is friendly, fair and quite reasonable to work with!"

I just wanted to tell you how much I was enjoying that 21st Century Zip Cardigan I bought  last week! It is a wonderful  sweater and I would  recommend it to anyone! This is my second order of sweaters and I just love them! They keep me warm and comfortable. Please order me another of the 21st Century cardigan, but in blue this time! It is a pleasure doing business with you. Your company is friendly, fair and quite reasonable to work with! I look forward to ordering more alpaca sweaters from Inca Fashions in the future!" (via phone call) — D. Dunlap, Washington 

"I just love it, love it, love it!"


Hi, I ordered an Alpaca Teddy Bear a few days ago. I got it yesterday and I just have to tell you how much I just love it, love it, love it! It's just absolutely perfect! It's the perfect size, it's the perfect color, it's the perfect everything. My daughter said it looks exactly like the teddy bear she had before, and she just loved that one. I just wanted you to know how pleased I was. It came like in two days, which is really quick so I'm very, very pleased and I'm sure that I'll buying more things from you. So, again thank you for picking out a beautiful teddy bear for my daughter. Thanks!  — L. Rosen, Hoffman Estates, IL (via phone message) 

"... wish to order a couple more ..." 

I just received my first Alpaca Cardigan (Retro Pro Golf Cardigan) sweater and wish to order a couple more and need to know if they are in stock and, if not, what the delivery time will be. They are a wonderful sweater and very nicely made. Thanks! — D. McPherson, Arizona

"I used to work for a stuffed-toy production company ..."

Hi! The alpaca bear you worked so hard to get out to me has just arrived. I have to say, even "knowing" that the bear I'd had before was substandard, it hadn't really sunk in just HOW poor the quality had been until I opened that FedEx envelope and felt how alpaca fur SHOULD be. I swear, this bear is just begging to be cuddled and loved. I didn't mention in our previous correspondences, but I used to work for a stuffed-toy production company, and one of my duties was to assist in quality control checks. Inca Fashions can be justifiably proud of the quality of their work. The seams are well hidden, and sewn nice and firm. I didn't know what we were missing with our other bear. Please pass my praises on to your production team, if you can. I look forward to years of love for this new Bear, and will certainly be in touch with Inca Fashions again. Best regards, always — J. Arrington


"I now own six of your sweaters ..."

I wore the red alpaca scarf, I received in December, to a Christmas get together.  I felt well dressed and in holiday spirit. Also, I love the color of my new blue roll neck sweater. I appreciate your great personal service and the quality of your fine products. I now own six of your sweaters and you haven't missed yet. — Richard 

 "It was a hit!"


I wanted to thank  you for the great sweater I ordered from you for my wife this last Christmas. It was a hit! Stay out of the fog down your way and come to Calaveras County for some SUN. — V. Tribble

"... much better quality than what I found here locally."

I received my bright blue sweater in great time, and I am enjoying it so much! It is very finely made, much better quality than what I found here locally. I was also glad I shopped with you as the other company that had sweaters I liked charge $155 and then $25 shipping! This just seemed outrageous for shipping a sweater. Also, as you promised, the fit was perfect in spite of my long/tall size. I am leaving tomorrow a.m. for Xalapa, Veracruz, where I know from experience I will enjoy this fine alpaca comfort in the very changeable January weather. Best wishes in your life and work, ¡Suerte! — Doug

"Way better quality ..." 

Hello There! Just a short note to tell you how happy I am with my order of alpaca sweaters. These are way better quality than ones I have purchased elsewhere. Thanks again for good service and good product. — W Yoos

" ... made all this so easy and great ..." 

Hello there. I ordered two pairs of baby alpaca socks for my dad for Christmas, and I just want to tell you how happy I am. I work in retail, and sincere thank you's from customers are rare and precious, so I want to thank you for a great product and fantastic service. The socks arrived on Christmas Eve, my dad loves them, and even though none of this was brain surgery, we've all had those shopping experiences where the salesperson made you feel like you were pulling teeth, or causing them some horrible inconvenience, and you just made all this so easy and great, and made me feel truly well taken care of. Thanks again, you're awesome. — S. Taylor


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