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20 years experience designing highly fashionable alpaca sweaters, accessories, & socks - all ready, for you to resell.

Welcome to Inca Fashions Wholesale, providing you with access to our exclusive collection of 100% Alpaca products for men, women, and the whole family. All of our items are designed by our in-house expert fashion designers and are produced exclusively for us. We design alpaca garments that people want to wear, with a focus on quality craftsmanship that ensures our products last. Inca Fashions was one of the first U.S. alpaca designers to use 100% alpaca fiber - no cotton blends in their styles - and remain a licensed provider of quality alpaca garments by the prestigious International Alpaca Association (IAA). You can trust that our alpaca garments are some of the very best alpaca products available, and they will set your store apart.


All U.S. orders receive free shipping. We package & ship quickly, so you receive your order as quickly as possible.


Every order and dollar spent earns you reward points toward exclusive discounts, offers, and store credits.


With over hundreds of styles and products to choose from, you’ll find the right selection of alpaca products to stock your store.

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