7 Tips for Wholesalers that will Help their Holiday Sales

7 Tips for Wholesalers that will Help their Holiday Sales

Posted by Inca Fashions Wholesale on 9th Nov 2015

Don't Rely on Samples

Holiday purchases often are spontaneous. Be sure to be ready when the light bulb goes off (that Uncle Harry would love an alpaca whatever!) Often people don’t want to order an item and risk not having their gift in time. When faced with a special order, often they say, “well, I’ll think about it” and when they walk out the door, so does your sale. Be prepared by carrying some stock of items.

Carry a Range of Price Points

Having a good mix of widely priced products is essential to reach every customer’s price point. Sweaters, scarves, bears, and socks are just some of the necessary items that let your customers find just what they are looking for! Be sure to carry a wide variety of socks, in colors and styles to meet the needs of just about anyone!

Always Be "Up-Selling"

Add on items placed near checkout help boost “up-selling” customers. Socks, key fobs, alpaca figures, can be stocking stuffers and added on at the last minute. Remind customers that they need small items by using signage or filled holiday stockings, for stocking stuffers, secret Santa presents or Chanukah gifts.

Don't Overlook Gifts

Offer Gift Certificates and Gift-wrapping! Make sales easy and a unique experience for your customers to give others. Who wouldn’t love a tour of an alpaca farm and trip through the gift shop for the holidays? How about a unique gift specially wrapped in alpaca wrapping paper with a pretty ribbon?

Carry a Few "Exclusives"

You never know what price threshold customers react to best. By having a few “exclusive” items with price points that are high, you achieve setting a bar for the items in your store. Customers then judge the rest of your items against the high-end pieces. A $149.99 sweater seems high until you see one for $295!

Colors Drive Sales

Women are naturally drawn to Blue, Purple, Green & Red, while Brown, Gray, and White are the least popular! So when selling alpaca items in natural neutral colors, accessorize! Draw in the color seekers by using scarves and gloves or fun socks grab attention. Men are naturally drawn to Blue, Green, Black, and Red, with Brown being their least favorite of all colors, but that is when they shop for themselves. When women shop for their men, the number one color they choose… RED. Blue is next in line followed by Charcoal and dark gray.


Make a List

Remember that there is so much more than just product needed for a successful holiday! Here is a checklist for those overlooked essentials. We'll share with you ours!

Holiday Store Checklist

(Click the image download your own pdf version)