Don't get shorn by low-quality Alpaca fiber blends.

Don't get shorn by low-quality Alpaca fiber blends.

12th Jul 2018

Recently, the Alpaca industry has seen an increase in the number of items being labelled as Alpaca. Whether this comes in the form of wool add-ins or acrylic fiber being mixed into Baby Alpaca or Superfine - it's a major concern for our industry. People read "Alpaca" in the title of an item assume that the item is all alpaca. Often, this is not the case and the item only has a small portion of alpaca in it. These practices erode customer trust in all alpaca products and strip the benefits pure alpaca provides, when not disclosed in a clear fashion.

Meet the International Alpaca Association (IAA), which is a nonprofit organization founded to protect and promote the image of the alpaca fiber and its derivatives, while ensuring the quality of alpaca products, which is in the interest of all institutions, companies and stores worldwide which have an interest in trading, processing and manufacturing alpaca fiber.

We became the first licensed partner of the IAA in the USA in 2004. Our products carry quality identifier hangtags issued by the IAA. This identifier certifies and guarantees you and your customer of the item's fiber composition. We are one of only four companies in the United States licensed by the International Alpaca Association.

Origin Mark Gold- Guarantees that an item is composed of 100% Baby Alpaca, the softest, finest alpaca fiber available.

Origin Mark Silver- Guarantees that an item is composed of 100% Alpaca Superfine.

Origin Mark White- Guarantees that an Alpaca Blend product contains 70% Alpaca Fiber, (can be blended with wool, silk, acrylic, or other fiber that must be specified on label.)

Hologram Mark- Embedded design designates quality. Can be used with or without the above cards. Can be used alone on small items as a rule, however, the IAA Registration number must appear as well.