Wholesale Alpaca Teddy Bears

wholesale-alpaca-teddy-bears.pngThe only thing better than how adorable they look, is how soft they feel

Alpaca teddy bears are the perfect compliment to your store's offering. We also carry a line of fluffy, handmade animal figures. These figures enable you to provide seasonal gifting that attracts customers year round, as our alpaca bunny figurines make great Easter gifts.

We carry bears in a variety of sizes and colors. Whether you're looking for an 18-inch alpaca bear or a life-size alpaca figurine, we carry them.

You can rest assured that each of our Alpaca bear and figures exceeds all child-safety standards nation-wide. Seams are reinforced, eyes are made from UL approved child-safe glass, and suede noses are secured - ensuring our bears meet or exceed all laws and state regulations for plush toys.

 Alpaca Bears & Pals Catalog:

  • Classic Alpaca Teddy Bears & Cubby Sitting Bears
  • Alpaca Figurines
  • Alpaca Baby Bunnies & Sitting Alpaca Rabbits
  • Variety of Animal Pals 

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