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Reporting Back From MAGIC- Top Trends for Fall 2014

Posted by Bri Cain on 23rd Jul 2014

In February, I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas to attend MAGIC with Kim DeVos-Brooks, our company's founder and head designer. For those of you who've never been, MAGIC is the largest gl … read more
Our New Blog = Your New Favorite Resource

Our New Blog = Your New Favorite Resource

Posted by Bri Cain on 14th May 2014

Do you ever find yourself struggling to justify the high prices of alpaca knits to your customer? What about encouraging your regular customers to try new styles? Might it be time to change up your … read more

Wool - It's All in the Family!

Posted by Kim Brooks on 2nd May 2014

Slotted into the same family, wool, or sheep’s wool and alpaca wool, or alpaca, can often be spoken of in the same sentence. While vastly similar, and vastly different, now is the time to understan … read more

Alpaca Retail Realities

Posted by Kim Brooks on 2nd May 2014

In fashion, trends are ever emerging. Someone creates a buzz and before you know it, you see it everywhere. By the time they’re hot, they are on their way out, and the next trend is taking hold. Th … read more

Alpaca and the Miracle Fiber: Is it a Match?

Posted by Kim Brooks on 2nd May 2014

A guilty pleasure of mine is watching ‘What Not to Wear’ and hoping that some day someone would nominate me, well sort of. If you are familiar with the show you will understand; if not check it o … read more